Pro Board System WHAT IS IT?

PBS is an innovative system consisting of an unstable customizable footboard (axial or radial) and a 3D postural sensor with visual feedback on PC for proprioceptive rehabilitation / training. It is also used to refine neuromuscular and postural control. The software was designed with simple and effective graphics for a user-friendly application.

The Pro Board System improves proprioceptive and neuromuscular control in order to optimize posture, recover stability, reduce the risk of injury and relapse as well as increasing the ability to perform a “quality movement”.

• It helps to improve coordination, posture and balance in evolutionary age. It proved useful in the treatment of paramorphism and dysmorphism (vertebral column and lower limb).
• Combined with a proper rehabilitation process, PBS optimizes the reconditioning of the proprioceptive and neuromuscular system, which is fundamental when it comes to improving posture and preventing relapses.
• In the elderly and/or in case of degenerative diseases it stimulates residual capacities to keep the patient motility-efficient, reducing the risk of falls and delaying the effects of ageing.

• In elite and amateur athletes it enhances sports performance, prevents injuries with a sharp reduction of distortion traumas, muscular pathologies, overuse syndromes and relapses.

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